Wholesale & Retail Partners

1. Requirements for Qualified Retailer Status.

Dillite products are offered at wholesale pricing only to companies identified by Dillite, at its sole discretion, as Qualified Retailers. Qualified Retailers shall be companies or individuals that Dillite has approved as resellers of its products who provide copies of a valid reseller's permit and who agree to abide by all terms and conditions set forth herein. Retailers are asked to provide a copy of their Reseller’s Permit upon placing an order.

2. MAP Pricing is Enforced.

Products are to be sold by Qualified Retailers at Dillite MSRP prices per the Dillite Order Form. Any specials or promotions involving Dillite products must be approved by Dillite in advance.

3. Internet Sales through Amazon, eBay, discounter websites and auction sites is Prohibited.

Products may be offered for sale on the Qualified Retailer's wholly owned website and may not be sold or offered for sale on third party sites such as Amazon or eBay. The only authorized seller of Dillite products on Amazon is Dream Big LLC, the parent company of Dillite, that sells products at full MSRP, abiding by MAP pricing. Any violation of this condition may result in the immediate suspension or termination of Qualified Retailer's rights to sell Dillite products.

4. Restricted Distribution. No Sharing or Re-Selling Inventory.

Dillite products are sold to Qualified Retailers only. Dillite strictly prohibits the sale of its products by Qualified Retailers to any persons or companies other than those individuals who are customers of the Qualified Retailer who purchase the products for their own personal consumption or as gifts. Sharing or Re-Selling Dillite inventory to other Retailers/Resellers is strictly prohibited.

5. Remedy for Retailer Violation of this Agreement.

Dillite reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or discontinue wholesale pricing to any Qualified Retailer found to be in violation of any terms or conditions contained within this Agreement. In the event Dillite determines such a violation has occurred, Dillite shall have the right to charge the Retailer the full retail price for all products purchased up to 1 year preceding the date of said violation. All other remedies in law or in equity remain reserved and are not waived.

To apply as a wholesaler, please download and return the wholesale agreement, sign and return to wholesale@dillite.com